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You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends.
To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning...


Boyko VIII, King of England, was ready for another night at the glamourous and splendid court of Whitehall Palace in his glowing capital of London. Fancifully decorated in his finery, and sporting the newest fashion of pantaloons.

Of course, tonight was a special occasion. Tonight was the performance of the play HE HIMSELF had written. His Majesty's playwright nom de plume was 'Mr. Cornish,' as although he was a powerful man and a patron of the arts, he wanted to keep his patronage a secret, as he was somewhat self conscious of the outcome of his fine production.

He grinned at his attendants, and began the procession to his great feasting hall, where he was greeting with a grand fanfare.
Ah, Sunday afternoons, his favourite time of the week. A day where one could aimlessly wander the hallways, or relax in bed with a play written by the hands of Shakespeare himself. Boyko was currently re-reading his favourite play of all time, Twelfth Night, mainly because he felt a real connection with the character Malvolio, and he empathized with his futile attempts at impressing his lady love.

He was currently to be found seated on a window seat near the entrance to his Common Room. He was spending more time near and around his own house members, instead of always lingering outside the Gryffindor Tower and hovering around the seventh floor hallways. This area was starting to feel more homely, now that he was attempting to actually fit in with his own house. It wasn't half-bad, really. He still felt that surge of longing every time he laid eyes on that revered lion badge, but ah what could he really do. The first step to accepting 'himself' was to accept where he belonged. Indeed. He sat near the window, idly wondering if perhaps he should go for a stroll outdoors.

[written during summer hols, mid-July]

As the long summer days drag by, I, Boyko Phobos, finally received the results from my OWL examinations: Round Two. To my incredible astonishment, I have passed EVERY COURSE thrown in my direction. Needless to say, I am a Very Happy Camper at this moment in my life. Also, my recent successes have caused me to ruminate over some other aspects of my life. How can I be a successful individual in the years to come? How is the best way for me to continue being the best Boyko I can be? Perhaps these answers have come to me in my short-lived lifetime already, I just have to continue the everlasting quest of knowledge, power, life-fulfilling grandiose adventures that I have begun. Perhaps I should look to myself, delve into the deepest crevices of my mind. I know that my certain zest for life has, to put it lightly, been somewhat dissatisfactory to the general population I choose to immerse myself in. But ahh, such is the way of the world! Also, the owl I received from my dear friend Calie has troubled me. Apparently she will not be returning to Hogwarts in the fall due to some familial issues. She's encouraged me to keep 'being myself.'

Perhaps it's time that I started rediscovering 'myself.' That boy I was so many years ago. It seems like I've always been this cape-clad hero, destined to rescue the damsels of Hogwarts from the clutches of evil. Maybe Calie is right, maybe it IS time to revert back to the person I used to be..However, I feel as though that part of me, that persona, is lost forever to the mists of time and the realms of the godly ways of Godric Gryffindor. From now on I suppose I will have to begin with a clean slate, judge the quality of my person against the reactions I receive from those around me. Who knows, perhaps it is not too late for me, Boyko Obelia Omega Phobos, to begin anew, start fresh with the world. Perhaps it is not too late for me to make my mark on this wonderous planet. I know what I shall do! I shall make myself a personal Manifesto! What a brilliant concoction of ideas! Oh, I knew there was some vast resources of knowledge SOMEWHERE in this brain of mine!

In other recent developments, I have FINALLY discovered my life's passion. ACTING! Finally, I believe that I will find a channel that is healthy for me! It was Calie that originally gave me the idea, and now that she is gone from the hallowed halls of Hogwarts that I continue to face my life's passion in her stead. How kind and brilliant of her to only point it out to me! I did not know that Muggles could choose to be other people for the duration of their lives, how clever! How simply DIVINE! I've been reading The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, a copy my sister bought for me whilst she was in a Quidditch match in England. I really do love Bryanne, she is the shining light of my soul, along with my amazingly spectacular cousin Daci. But, that goes without saying, of course.

In any case, I believe this summer will turn out to be one of the most memorable of my life. Now that I am of age, I can finally hone my skills in garden-tending, and my Flutterby bushes are sure to be the most spectacular sight this season. I'll keep frequent updates on their well-being. Malvolio, the silly kitten that he is, loves to swat at them so I've had to place them out of his reach. Ah well, I shall continue to love him anyways.




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Thursday, February 23, Afternoon...THE OUTSKIRTS OF THE FOREST

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[Sunday, January 22 -bedtime]

[charmed for self]
I have just recently accquired this invaluable piece of genius. Personally I don't know why keeping a journal had never occured to me during my duration of time at this school. I used to keep one as a child, but upon my arrival at Hogwarts I decided that I would abandon it and attempt to move on with my life.


On account of, this year has possibly been the worst of my entire existence as a human being on this gracious earth. Sometimes I wonder if I am a human being anymore or if I have just completely lost my mind. I prefer not to dwell on it most of the time.

Anyhow, I am now seventeen years of age, and that is the reason I have come about this journal. My beloved sister Bryanne sent it to me in the mail for my birthday. Mother and Father sent me some interesting oddities. I have yet to look at them properly as I have been so preoccupied with my current life schedule. Saving the masses, studying, and other things of utmost importance to my very existence.

I went to a party the other night..my first party. AND MY LAST. MOTHER OF MERLIN ON WHEELS. I was HOODWINKED! Fooled into TRICKERY! And I, Boyko Obelia Omega Phobos...HAVE BROKEN THE LAW! I feel like I have befouled all that represents who I am! I have never felt such loathing for people in my life! I have nothing more to say on the matter other than I will never be attending another party again. Ever. Ever ever ever. Ever.